Here we have graduated with honors.


We build on our experience with continuous improvements. Together with our clients we are committed to continuous innovation in aerospace engineering. With our highly qualified engineers, we create smart engineering.


With our multidisciplinary expertise, our employees are constantly keeping abreast of new technologies and developments. We provide support and expertise at every stage of production, from development through to final assembly.


In the world of civil engineering, the Netherlands are recognized for their excellence in the field of construction and infrastructure. Our employees have real expertise in this field. From the initial groundwork through to final delivery.


We are a multifaceted company and can deploy all our knowledge and expertise to meet those requirements. From mechanical engineering to the development of complex tooling, we deliver technical excellence every single time.


A vibrant civil society is only possible with a problem-free energy supply. Fortunately for consumers this has become the norm. Our specialists work in engineering, project management, surveying and measuring for energy suppliers. We thus play a key role in the daily lives of millions of people.


Our experts respond effectively to this demand, delivering tailor-made solutions in production mechanisation and engineering. All aspects of supporting the production process are safe in our hands. From entire production lines including piping to separating, inspecting, tracing, packaging and coding foodstuffs.

Industrial automation

Engineering plays an increasingly important role, particularly in the case of ever more complex machinery. That is where our engineers come into their own: faster, more flexible, smarter. The first step towards successful production. Our industrial automation is intelligent engineering at its best.


Our experts contribute to the rich background in civil engineering in the Netherlands by providing their expertise to carry out subterranean projects as well as those on the surface. They provide the underpinning for each project.

Oil & Gas

Our people are familiar with conducting studies and engineering in the field of pipelines and equipment. In addition, they are well acquainted with processing data in 3D. Clear layouts in isometric and also piping and instrumentation diagrams.


From renovation and modernization of rolling stock for both heavy and light rail. Our specialists provide a full service with an integrated approach. Together with our customers we use our expertise to achieve sustainable and cost-efficient rolling stock solutions. Off-the-shelf or customized.